We all know that we don’t pat the back of a colleague in Korea to thank them for a “job well done”. Or eat with your left hand in India, or sip vodka in Russia. In many countries, these actions are harmless. But in others, they can give a wrong impression or cause offense.

In fact, whatever culture you’re from, it’s likely that you routinely do something that could cause offense somewhere else in the world. So here is:

A primer on how to avoid mistakes in

The official language spoken in the Bahamas is English, however the dialect and slang is difficult for most Westerners and Europeans to understand, especially on the “out islands.” The locals speak very fast and use indigenous phrases.


They are very friendly though, and will always help. With the exception of Nassau, violent crimes, and crimes in general, are almost non-existent in the Bahamas. The populace is predictably friendly and more religious than one might expect: the Bahamas have one of the highest ratios of churches per capita in the world, with Baptists being the largest single group.

Local newspapers will reveal religious references by elected officials in a manner that exceeds what would be found in the United States. This devotion does nothing to prohibit the activities of visitors nor is it intended to. There is a very “libertarian” attitude about personal morals.

Bahamians are good-natured but do not suffer fools gladly.

With this, you had the primer on key facts about Bahamas, and key facts on culture and customs. Another important part of the culture is the local food and the local drinks. Make sure you read our posts on Bahamas food and drinks:

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