It’s said that the biggest fear one has it that of public peaking. For me, my biggest fear is not having cellular service, and not being able to connect while on the go.

So, how does one connect while in Cameroon

Some quick tips to staying connected while on the go:

mobile phones photo

Photo by believekevin

To make local and international calls you need to buy a pre-paid SIM card. Check if your cell phone has a compatible GSM standard (Africa/Europe) – if not, in addition to a SIM card you probably need to buy a new phone. “MTN” and “Orange” are two major telephone companies in Cameroon. You can find Internet access all over the place, but the speed might be slow. National post service is considered to be unreliable. Cameroon Tourism (MontrĂ©al) -Tourism office in North America.

Other tips on staying connected while in Cameroon? Please add your comments and tips.