It’s said that the biggest fear one has it that of public peaking. For me, my biggest fear is not having cellular service, and not being able to connect while on the go.

So, how does one connect while in Djibouti

Some quick tips to staying connected while on the go:
The 13th French Foreign Legion Demi-Brigadeis (13ème DBLE)(, was permanently stationed in Djibouti, and consisted of about 800 men.

They redeployed to the United Arab Emirates on June 13th, 2011 13ème Leaves Djibouti. There is also a 2,000 person plus U.S. military presence in Djibouti, located at Camp Lemonnier ( across the runway from the international airport.

Other tips on staying connected while in Djibouti? Please add your comments and tips.