We all know that we don’t pat the back of a colleague in Korea to thank them for a “job well done”. Or eat with your left hand in India, or sip vodka in Russia. In many countries, these actions are harmless. But in others, they can give a wrong impression or cause offense.

In fact, whatever culture you’re from, it’s likely that you routinely do something that could cause offense somewhere else in the world. So here is:

A primer on how to avoid mistakes in

Muslims are mostly tolerant of others in this country, if your presence is considered to be temporary. There are a few radicalised mosques in the country, so it is advised that you do not venture into these areas.

The Christian minority is tolerated, but under constant surveillance by Guinea-Bissau activists and Government officials. Some people (especially children) will ask you to take their photo, while others will get upset if you take photos – always ask in advance, if taking close-ups. Avoid taking photos of military installations without asking, though sometimes you’ll be allowed to.

With this, you had the primer on key facts about Guinea-Bissau, and key facts on culture and customs. Another important part of the culture is the local food and the local drinks. Make sure you read our posts on Guinea-Bissau food and drinks:

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Other tips that you’d like to share on mistakes to avoid in Guinea-Bissau? Please comment below.