We all know that we don’t pat the back of a colleague in Korea to thank them for a “job well done”. Or eat with your left hand in India, or sip vodka in Russia. In many countries, these actions are harmless. But in others, they can give a wrong impression or cause offense.

In fact, whatever culture you’re from, it’s likely that you routinely do something that could cause offense somewhere else in the world. So here is:

A primer on how to avoid mistakes in

The primary religion in Senegal is Islam, and most Senegalese are extremely devout Muslims. It’s important to be respectful of this because religion is very important in Senegalese life. However, don’t be afraid to ask questions about Islam — for the most part, Senegalese people love to talk about it! Greet everyone when entering a room with “Salaam Aleikum.” Always shake hands with everyone.

Do not enter mosques and other religious places wearing shoes. Foreign women can expect to get many marriage proposals from Senegalese men. Handle this with a sense of humour – and caution. As far as dress goes, be aware that anything shorter than knee length is inappropriate. Tank tops are generally accepted in larger towns, but should be avoided as much as possible.

With this, you had the primer on key facts about Senegal, and key facts on culture and customs. Another important part of the culture is the local food and the local drinks. Make sure you read our posts on Senegal food and drinks:

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