The most important tip I can give you on South Sudan  local food, and the only one that will make you elevate from being a tourist to becoming a real traveler immersed in the local culture, is “Stay away from McDonalds“. When visiting South Sudan, there is awesome local food to try. Head to the local eateries too, and go where the locals go. For me, the food, wine and and even the water is part of the travel experience.

What to Eat in South Sudan

Most South Sudanese is very similar to Sudanese cuisine. Restaurants for both international and local cuisine can be found in Juba and other major city centers. Lol Bridge Restaurant, At the bridge over river lol in Nyamlell (From Aweil follow road to Nyamlell, then right towards Gok Machar), ? +211914420576. 11.00-24.00. The only tourist standard restaurant north of Aweil Town.

Direct on the main road over the bridge over river lol in Nyamlell. Cold drinks, western style and local foods. Unique fusion cooking: the goat burger. Good music. Nice ambiance. Friendly staff. Meal around 25 SSP

What to Drink in South Sudan

The drinking/purchasing age of alcoholic beverages is 18. In the towns of South Sudan such as Rumbek and Juba, Kenyan and Ugandan beers are starting to appear in bars at inflated cross-border prices. Fresh fruit juices are available throughout Sudan. One of the local juices is “aradeab”(tamarind)

Other local foods, or drinks that you recommend? Please add and comment.