Dear A Country a Month Friends –

We started A Country a Month, in October 2017. We toyed with the idea of starting this blog for quite some time, and talked this at the dinner table for a while. All journeys need to start somewhere, so our starts in October, in Montgomery, Ohio.

With us so connected in Facebook and Twiter, and writing in short bursts, the art of blogging is maybe a bit archaic. Now, I am not a writer, and other than writing e-mails and one pagers for my daily work, I did not write several pages since my college days. And that was a while back.  At the onset, the only thing on my mind is to write together with my kids, and keep this as an online diary, a little bit of history and geography, our family history and their childhood days. Ten years from now, we might be glad we invested this time together.

Why A Country a Month?

We lived in Toronto for four years, and that has been a unique experience for us. I cannot think of a more diverse city, which learned how to build on each other’s strength, than Toronto. So, how do we recreate the Toronto experience in the Midwest (where we live now), in a virtual way? Our answer  is this blog – getting to know a new country each month. It’s history, geography, food and music.

Each month we will “sample” a country, and hopefully that song will be together with conversations of where we’ve been, and maybe a dinner that samples some dishes from that country. If we had a chance to travel to that country, we will post also our experiences. We will try to do that live, as we travel, and reference back. We will also talk about the country geography, their history, and their national holiday. I hope you’ll help us build these evenings, and help us with your opinions and perspectives. Because you never learn alone about a country and you rarely learn from just Wikipedia.

I hope we will also learn together with my kids how to use social media, Twitter and Facebook and SlideShare. We will not be an online magazine, will try to keep A Country a Month as a family blog turning it to something like a virtual heirloom that will be handed to my kids.

Our Aspirations

I hope our blog, A Country a Month, will connect us better with the world and the wisdom that is brought by diversity. I hope will discover a friend or two in the process, and we will discover ourselves in the process. I hope we will be able to touch a life.

Our A Country A Month schedule is the following:

February 2018 – Iceland

March 2018 – Australia

April 2018 – Holland

May 2018 – France

June 2018 – Germany

If you’d like to contribute to A Country A Month, please let us know. Thanks you for reading.

If you’d like to join a live photo tour, please join our A Country A Month Meetup.

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