The most important tip I can give you on Bahrain  local food, and the only one that will make you elevate from being a tourist to becoming a real traveler immersed in the local culture, is “Stay away from McDonalds“. When visiting Bahrain, there is awesome local food to try. Head to the local eateries too, and go where the locals go. For me, the food, wine and and even the water is part of the travel experience.

What to Eat in Bahrain

See Manama for detailed restaurant listings. Bahrain has an impressive dining scene, with numerous restaurants to choose from. The main dining area is Adliya. In Adliya, you can take your pick among numerous cafes, with Coco’s (very well priced and delicious food) and Lilou’s (Very popular with locals wanting to see and be seen) among the most famous.

Bahrain foods photo

Photo by mrsdkrebs

Mirai is an incredible Japanese Fusion restaurant perfect for a special occasion. Trendy lounges/restaurants are in the area as well like Zoe’s and Block 338. Restaurants in Bahrain run the gamut for cheap stalls offering local food to fancy restaurants in fancy hotels. American fast food franchises such as Burger King and McDonald’s are ubiquitous. Western (mostly American) style-foods and franchises can be found around the malls and in the city centre, offering food for upper mid-range prices.

What to Drink in

See Manama for detailed nightlife listings. The legal drinking/purchasing age of alcoholic beverages is 18. It is legal for Muslims to consume alcoholic beverages. Bahrain has relatively liberal laws regarding alcohol and has long been a favorite getaway for visitors from Saudi Arabia and other nearby “dry” countries — don’t be surprised to see Arabs in thobe and gutra sipping cool brewskis as they watch dancers strut their stuff in the nightclubs. Under Bahraini law, any sign of having consumed alcohol may be taken as prima facie evidence of driving under the influence, which can lead to imprisonment and/or fines of up to BD 1,000.

Other local foods, or drinks that you recommend? Please add and comment.