It’s said that the biggest fear one has it that of public peaking. For me, my biggest fear is not having cellular service, and not being able to connect while on the go.

So, how does one connect while in Croatia

Croatia phone photo

Photo by tabooze

Some quick tips to staying connected while on the go:
Telephone Croatia uses the GSM 900 (T-Mo, Vip) /1800 (Tele2) system for mobile phones. There are three providers, T-Mobile (also operates the Bonbon and MultiPlus Mobile prepaid brand), Vip (also operates the Tomato prepaid brand) and Tele2. Over 98% of the country’s area is covered. 3G (UMTS 2100) has been available since 2006, while 4G (LTE 1900MHz) has become available in 2012. However, 4G is supported in larger cities only. If you have an unlocked phone, you can buy a Tele2 prepaid SIM card for 25 kn. GSM phones (Nokia 1200, Nokia 2610, Motorola F3, LG KG130 or Samsung C170) bundled with T-Mobile or Vip prepaid SIM cards can be found in post offices, grocery stores and kiosks at prices between 50 and 200 kn.

An alternative to using mobile phones are Calling Cards which can be bought in postal offices and kiosks. There are two providers – Dencall and Hitme. The cheapest cards’ price is 25kn. Area Codes: When calling between cities you must dial specific city area codes: (area code)+(phone number) Zagreb (01) Split (021) Rijeka (051) Dubrovnik (020) Sibenik/Knin (022) Zadar (023) Osijek (031) Vukovar (032) Varazdin (042) Bjelovar (043) Sisak (044) Karlovac (047) Koprivnica (048) Krapina (049) Istria (052)

Other tips on staying connected while in Croatia? Please add your comments and tips.