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There are plenty of travel companies out there. A lot of them need a better user interface, a lot of them need a good and fast back end!

To help save you time and money searching for the best flights, here is a short list of sites I use tho find and book air. I always had a good experience with these – class customer service, great value, fast searches and transaction and because, overall, they are just a lot better than their competitors. They are always the starting points in my search for travel deals, so I thought I will share them with you.

One lesson that I’ve learned as I book my travels is that prices vary widely. I always make sure I check out three companies on this list to ensure you get the best deal.

So here is the list.

Finding the cheapest flight in under five minutes:

  1. Google Flights – Google quality and ease of use. Type in your airport and when you want to go, and Google will show you all the flights in the world, the prices and the best prices.
  2. Kayak –  A good meta search flight engine for fares of air originating in the US. They search a wide variety of airlines and other flight brokers. Always my starting point for searching for cheap airline tickets.
  3. Vayama – This is the Kayak of “outside US” originating flights. Always start here for international tickets.  I’ve found fares on their site for hundreds of dollars cheaper than what I’ve found elsewhere.
  4. Skyscanner – Another great resource for international airfares. Many budget airlines that other search engines don’t show are on Skyscanner.
  5. Momondo – My third favorite airfare booking site. I never book a flight without checking them as well.
  6. Airfarewatchdog – if you have time to follow a fare, this is a place for you. They’ll monitor airline ticket prices and will alert you when deals occur. Being a curated site, a lot of unadvertised fares and I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter. This is one of the best websites on the Internet to find deals on airfare.
  7. Airtreks – Around the World plans? This is the leader in RTW tickets, and is part of the Bootsanall network. Some very good deals and, if you are interested in purchasing a round the world ticket (RTW), it’s best to call and get a quote from them first.

Have others you use? Please share your hidden gems.