We all know that we don’t pat the back of a colleague in Korea to thank them for a “job well done”. Or eat with your left hand in India, or sip vodka in Russia. In many countries, these actions are harmless. But in others, they can give a wrong impression or cause offense.

In fact, whatever culture you’re from, it’s likely that you routinely do something that could cause offense somewhere else in the world. So here is:

A primer on how to avoid mistakes in

People in Macau are general friendly to foreigners (given the fact that Macau had hundreds of years of Portuguese colonial rule, the locals, even the older population are used to living side by side with Westerners). However, do not assume the locals speak English (or Portuguese) and a few essential Cantonese phrases are always helpful.

When visiting Chinese temples basic respect should be shown, but taking photos is usually allowed and you don’t need to ask for permission as long as there isn’t a no-photography sign posted. Binge-drinking or drunken behavior is not tolerated in Macau. For a comprehensive list of respecting local culture, see the “Respect” section of Hong Kong, which is very similar to Macau.

With this, you had the primer on key facts about Macedonia, and key facts on culture and customs. Another important part of the culture is the local food and the local drinks. Make sure you read our posts on Macedonia food and drinks:

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Other tips that you’d like to share on mistakes to avoid in Macedonia? Please comment below.