It’s said that the biggest fear one has it that of public peaking. For me, my biggest fear is not having cellular service, and not being able to connect while on the go.

So, how does one connect while in Mozambique

Some quick tips to staying connected while on the go:
Mobile phones mCel is the state-owned provider, and there are two other telecom service providers in the country, the South-African owned Vodacom Mozambique and Movitel. GPRS (data and internet) are available on mCel, with 3G in Maputo and other main cities. The APN for Internet is and for WAP it is with an IP address

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Photo by Johan Larsson


Vodacom have 3G in many towns and GPRS Edge elsewhere. The APN is internet. Movitel has the best network (by far) in the bush and if you are looking to travel off-the-track, then a prepaid Movitel SIM card will definitely be handy. Check your phone manual for setting instructions. The mCel service is not entirely reliable, especially outside Maputo. Vodacom is generally very good in most areas except North Mozambique – where it is present in towns only. While it is OK to buy cr from the hundreds of vendors roaming the streets wearing mCel or Vodacom shirts you should never buy SIM cards / starter packs, in many cases they sell them at hugely inflated prices and often they will be from one of the many recalled batches that no longer work.

Any mobile phone store can sell you a working starter pack for around 50Mts. As of August 2013, the prices of SIM Cards had come down to 10 Mzn retail, and issues with old SIM cards not working had almost entirely vanished. You could buy a few of them as the companies wait 15-30 days to organize and verify the documentation.

Internet Internet is widely available in Maputo, with many internet cafes and all major hotels having internet access. All service providers mCel, Vodacom and Movitel have introduced internet to cellphone and USB modems. However, Movitel USB modems are the most widespread and you will find 3G speeds in most areas, however frequent disconnection is an issue. See above for further information. Outside Maputo internet coverage is sporadic and mostly available in places frequented by tourists.

Local Telecommunication de Mozambique (TDM) offices almost always have internet although speed and availability can be problematic. Radio There are many FM stations in Maputo, offering a variety of music and speech. Away from the capital, Radio Mozambique will be heard in many places and BBC World Service have their English/Portuguese service in the main cities. There are numerous small community radio stations serving smaller towns/villages. A new radio station called LM Radio (Lifetime Music Radio), broadcasts in English on 87.8 FM in Maputo and Matola. The radio station offers a wide range of music from the 60s, 70s and 80s together with a blend of modern day music in the same style and flavor. The radio station also provides regular travel and safety tips for visitors to Mozambique.Don’t expect too much to do with your radio once outside Southern Mozambique’s Maputo area.

Other tips on staying connected while in Mozambique? Please add your comments and tips.