We all know that we don’t pat the back of a colleague in Korea to thank them for a “job well done”. Or eat with your left hand in India, or sip vodka in Russia. In many countries, these actions are harmless. But in others, they can give a wrong impression or cause offense.

In fact, whatever culture you’re from, it’s likely that you routinely do something that could cause offense somewhere else in the world. So here is:

A primer on how to avoid mistakes in Slovenia

Older Slovene cities have historic influences by baroque (Austrian) and Roman (Italian) architectures. Part of both, the countryside and city architecture in the northwest, shares many commonalities with neighbouring Austria, including countless baroque shrines and steeples. The Ljubljana capital was founded in Roman times; today its university has over 50,000 students. The most famous Slovenes include the poet France Prešeren (1800-1849) who penned the Slovene national anthem, and the architect Jože Ple?nik (1872-1957) who is cred with Ljubljana’s iconic Triple Bridge.

Slovenes are generally friendly, so don’t hesitate to talk to them since many understand English (especially the younger generation) and may be able to help you. Using simple English will help to avoid misunderstandings. It’s common to shake hands when introduced to someone. In the younger generation, hugging is not uncommon between friends.

Greeting people with dober dan (good day) is also common. Know the locals The general rule is to rely on the cities for most shopping options and choices in big supermarkets, as well as for other related businesses. For best experience with the residents, you should avoid some of the larger cities and rely more on the smaller towns with populations below 37,000. You can also find many pleasant rural areas.

With this, you had the primer on key facts about Slovenia, and key facts on culture and customs. Another important part of the culture is the local food and the local drinks. Make sure you read our posts on Slovenia food and drinks:

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