The most important tip I can give you on Tajikistan  local food, and the only one that will make you elevate from being a tourist to becoming a real traveler immersed in the local culture, is “Stay away from McDonalds“. When visiting Tajikistan, there is awesome local food to try. Head to the local eateries too, and go where the locals go. For me, the food, wine and and even the water is part of the travel experience.

What to Eat in

Tajikistan food photo

Photo by sunriseOdyssey

Plov- The national dish is made with rice, beef or mutton, and carrots. All fried together in vegetable oil or mutton fat in a special qazan (a wok-shaped cauldron) over an open flame. The meat is cubed, the carrots are chopped finely into long strips, and the rice is colored yellow or orange by the frying carrots and the oil.

The dish is eaten communally from a single large plate placed at the center of the table A traditional dish that is still eaten with hands from a communal plate is qurutob, before serving the dish is topped with onions fried in oil until golden and other fried vegetables. No meat is added. Qurotob is considered the national dish. Sambusa- (baked pastries) Shashlik (shish-kebab)- Grilled-on-coal fish, liver, chicken, mutton and beef. Tushbera soup- (like ravioli, or pasta with meat in it) Ugro soup- (handmade spaghetti soup served with cheese cream and basilic) Jiz-biz- (fired freshcut lamb or mutton on its own juice) Dolma- (steamed rolls with grape leafs and meat inside, served with sour cream and red pepper) Mantu -(steamed pasta with meat inside, served with sour cream and fried onions) Shurbo- (fresh vegetable soup with lamb or beef, served with green onion and basilic) Many types of bread like chappoti, kulcha, nan, fatir, qalama, etc.

Damlama- (like English stew, steamed lamb or beef with vegetables in its own juice) Khash- (soup with sheeps’ legs and arms, joints and tendons) Melons and watermelons are extremely popular among locals and are very cheap in local markets Take care with street food and do NOT eat unwashed vegetables and fruits. It’s best to soak them in distilled water and cook thoroughly. Now the situation is different. National cuisine is becoming more popular in Tajikistan, such as Shurpo, Oshi Palov, Mantu, Sambusa and etc.

What to Drink in Tajikistan

Green tea. Tajiks customarily pour a small amount out three times and return it to the pot. Compote. A distilled fruit punch.

Other local foods, or drinks that you recommend? Please add and comment.