Weekend in Amsterdam – What to do in Amsterdam Before Museums Open

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Tram 5, Amsterdam

Tram 5, Amsterdam

Your flight gets you in Schiphol at 6am. The train to Amsterdam puts you into the Central Station by 7, and you still have two hours before the museums open. What to do for two hours?

You can simply walk the downtown, waiting for Rijks to open. You can get a coffee in one of the very few places opened at this time (thanks Starbucks for the early hours you open).

One of my favorite morning strolls in Amsterdam are with a tram. Tram 5 takes you from the Central station, and runs 77 stations through Zuidas, the financial district, Leidesplein – the busiest nightlife, Museum Plein – where Rijks and Van Gogh Museums are, and Dam Square, where the Royal Palace is located. It is the busiest tram line in Amsterdam.

In the morning, you’ll see the financiers getting into it, school kids, and as the tram approaches Amstelveen, morning workers.

You can get a day ticket from the Central Station – I recommend the day ticket for the piece of mind. It allows you to jump on any public transportation – buses, trams and boats.

With a daily pass, you can simply get off from the one way, and hop into the opposite direction, if you spotted a good cafe opened at this hour.

Morning rush hours - view from Tram 5

Morning rush hours – view from Tram 5